HiSEP 入門セミナー (2024.7.12 復旦大学 銭 先生) 開催のお知らせ

HiSEP 入門セミナーでは、以下のように化学分野から、上海・復旦大学の銭先生による英語セミナーを企画しました。銭先生にはこの3月のHiSEP海外研修でお世話いただき、その縁でのセミナーとなります。わかりやすい内容と英語でのセミナーですので、学部を問わず、関心ある学生の皆さんの参加を歓迎します(直接教室にどうぞ)。

日時:2024年7月12日(金) 13:00-14:30


セミナータイトル:Coordination bond directed interfacial self-assembly of well-defined low-dimensional smart materials

セミナー講師: Dong-Jin Qian, Professor of Chemistry, Fudan University, China

セミナー概要: Interfacial self-assembly has been widely used for the fabrication of novel multifunctional materials as well as molecular devices and machines at the molecular level. It has attracted growing interest recently, accompany with the development of organic electronics, supramolecular science, low-dimensional layered architecture, and nanotechnology. The sensitized smart materials are widely used in the fields such as opto-electrical and energy conversion devices, sensing and sensors, biomimetic catalytic reactions, and others. In this talk, after a brief introduction on the molecular self-assembling techniques, I will give a summary on our recent work on the low-dimensional metalloporphyrin arrays and sensitized graphitic carbon nitrides.