HiSEP 入門セミナー (2024.6.28 Hussinさん) 開催のお知らせ

HiSEP 入門セミナーでは、以下のように化学・環境分野からUniversity Sains Malaysia の研究者による英語セミナーを企画しました。わかりやすい内容と英語でのセミナーですので、学部を問わず、関心ある学生の皆さんの参加を歓迎します(直接教室にどうぞ)。

日時:2024年6月28日(金) 13:00-14:30


セミナータイトル:Malaysian oil palm biomass waste: Concern and Opportunities

セミナー講師: Mohd. Hazwan Hussin, PhD さん (Associate Professor, School of Chemical Sciences, University Sains Malaysia)

セミナー概要: The palm oil industry is known as the primary producer of biomass in Malaysia. The massive production of oil palm biomass has resulted in a significant waste disposal problem. The state of the palm oil industry in Malaysia also highlighted the potential of oil palm biomass in various industries and as a source of green energy. Oil palm biomass can be commercialized in a wide range of value-added products. In this talk we are going to share our experience on converting this “waste into wealth”.